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FAQ 注意事項

Please carefully read following policy



  • We only responsible for the courses in Hokkaido. If you have any questions, please contact us by email. Please avoid inquiring us though phone or online. If you have concerns or question about other courses in other region (including Canada), please contact corrsponding course provider. 我們只負責自己範圍內的CASI課程,如有任何問題,請用電郵方式跟我們聊絡,不接受任何電話或網上查詢,如對其他地區(包括加拿大)的CASI課程有任何問題,請跟相關單位聯絡

  • Our staff are only volunteer helping with emails. If we received too many mails, we won’t be able to reply immediately. We will do our best to reply as soon as possible. 工作人員只是以義務方式幫忙處理電郵,所以收到太多信件時,不可能立即回信,但會嘗試盡快回覆

  • Candidates/examinees must arrange their lift ticket, transportation and accommodation. If you need assistant, please contact corrsponding travel agent. We recommend to arrange your own trip if you are planning to arrive earlier and/or to stay longer. 學生/考生必須自行安排纜車票,交通,住宿,如需要協助,可以參考O’Play旅行社推出的行程,但如需要提早到達或延後離開,建議請自行安排行程


  • Registration steps: STEP ONE, please carefully read the “FAQ” page. Then, go to “Registration” page and fill out the registration form. Choose the payment methods. You need to have a PayPal account in order to choose PayPal method. If not, you will have to choose "in-person" (credit card payment). Once the payment went through, it will reserve a spot in the course. Once the registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation letter by email.報名流程是: 首先是仔細閲讀全部"注意事項",然後在"Registration報名"填寫個人並選擇付款方式。如果選擇使用PayPal,你必須要有PayPal帳號。不然的話,只能選手動("in-person)信用卡付款。當收到款項,就可以預留報名額。報名完成後就會收確認信。

  • If you choose "In-person" credit card payment, make sure to download the credit card authorization form. Then, sign the form and email it back to us. If we don't receive your payment form within 24hr from registration, we may cancel your spot. We may not accept on-spot registration. 如果選擇使用手動(in-person)信用卡付款,請下載信用卡授權付款表格,記得親筆簽名後再email給我們。如果報名後24小時內收不到刷卡表格,我們可能會取消你的報名申請。我們可能不接受現場報名。

  • STEP TWO Waiver form: Whether you choose paypal or "in-person" credit card payment methods, candidates must sign waiver form before the course starts. Please sign it and scan (with scanner or DocScan app) into pdf format. Then, email it back to us. 切結書: 不論你是選擇paypal或手動(in-person)信用卡付款方式,每個考生都必須先填寫切結書才可以上課,請記得親筆簽名和掃描(建議用掃描器或手機掃描程式)到pdf格式,然後再電郵寄給我們。

  • Discount: There are discount provided to instructors who currently work in Niseko affiliated snow school. Following discount applied: NTD$1000, $2000, $3000 respectively for retests, 2-days course and 3-days (or more) courses. To apply, make sure to choose "in-person" payment method. Then, email us your credit card forms (with discounted fee) and CC your snow school director/supervisor. After we verified it, we will process your  payment with discount. 折扣: 當季在Niseko雪場學校工作的教練可以享有拆扣。折扣如下: 台幣 $1000 (重考), $2000 (兩天課程), $3000 (三天或以上的課程),申請方法: 必須選擇手動"in-person"信用卡付款,然後電郵信用卡表格 (寫上折扣後的費用),並CC學校負責人或主管,經核實後才能進行刷卡報名。

  • After you have registered your first CASI course (even no-show), you will receive a membership number. From then on, you will need this number to register any other CASI courses. Usually, you will find this number at the top of your evaluation form. If you cannot find your number, you may contact CASI head office in Canada. 對於之前曾經報名CASI課程的考生(這裡包括之前報名CASI 1但缺席),就會得到一個會員號碼,以後參加任何CASI課都必須要提供此號碼才有辦法報名,一般在考生的Evaluation Form上會有,如果不知道自己號碼,可以跟加拿大CASI聯絡

  • Except CASI 1 full course/retest, all candidates must pay their membership dues before registering any CASI courses. 除了報名CASI 1或CASI 1重考外,任何考生必須先繳付當季的CASI會員費用(membership dues)才可以報名CASI課程

  • For instructor who has certification from other countries, you may be able to skip the CASI 1 and register other courses. In order to do so, the instructor must first get approved by CASI and become an affiliate member. More details is available on following link. 已經是其他國家的滑雪協會教練,可以跳過CASI 1直接報名其他課程,除了要先成爲CASI的海外會員外,還必須得到加拿大CASI的審核和批准。詳情請參閱CASI網頁: https://www.casi-acms.com/index.php/en/foreign-qa

  • We do not accept group registration. Candidates must correctly enter their personal info. If there is any incorrect or missing info, the registration may become invalid. 我們不接受團體報名,每個考生必須正確填妥個人資料和表格,如有有任何不正確或漏填,就會造成報名失效

  • It is very expensive to run course/training in Hokkaido. Only after the course is full or almost full, we will request evaluator. Once the evaluator is assigned, then we will email course confirmation letter to all candidates. 因為開課的成本非常高,所以每一班的名額全滿或達到基本人數後才會派出考官,確定考官人選後才會發出開課確認信

  • If you enter incorrect personal info, it may affect the registration on day 1 and/or lost of membership card. 如錯誤填寫個人資料,除了影響第一天上課報到,而且也可能會造成CASI的通知信或會員卡寄失

  • Online registration form doesn’t guarantee a spot and we do not accept reservation in-advance. 網上填寫個人資料不代表預留位置,開放報名前不接受預留名額

  • For two identical conservative courses, the second course will only open after the first cell is full. 連續的課程必須要全部的第一班都滿額了才會開放第二班報名


  • All refund, transfer and cancellation must be requested in writing via email and 5% of course fee will be charge as administration fee. For late cancellation, the following charge will be applied: after the course is confirmed, 80%; one month within the start of the course or no-show on course, 100%. 一切更改,取消或退款事宜必須用電郵書面方式申請,並且會被收取最少5%手續費用,而且如果課程已經確認開課後,會被收取80%報名費,如果已經是開課前一個月內取消或當天缺席,都會被收取全部費用

  • At any time the Foreign Course Provider has the right to cancel any course, session, etc. without prior notice, and will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by the participant. Only portion of the course fees may be refunded. 如果因為天氣/雪况或其他問題導致沒辦法上課,我們有權取消課程並且只會退還部份課程費用,同時不負責任何考生的損失

  • We don't accept change five days before the course start and we may not accept on-spot registration. 上課前五天不接受任何更改,也有權不接受現場報名


  • If there's enough retest candidates, we may open a special cell for retest only. If not, each cell can consist only one riding and one teaching retest. 除非有另外開一班專給重考生,不然的話每一班最多只可以有一個riding和一個teaching重考

  • Only if there's enough spots, a retest candidate may change to register full course.已經報名的重考生可以要求改成上全課(Full Course),但必須是還有空位的情況下

  • Retest candidate need to enter the coupon codes in order to adjust the course fee to retest fee. The coupon code for each course can be found in the registration page. 重考生需要輸入coupon code調整課程費用。每一個課程的重考coupon code可以在報名𥚃找到。


  • All our evaluators conduct only CASI course and pre-course session. They do not provide any private training or lesson. 除了CASI課程,考官不會提供任何私人訓練或教學

  • Candidates can communicate with us by email in English or Chinese. All courses will run only in English, no translator allowed. 除了網頁和電郵可以使中英文溝通,全部CASI課程都是英語上課,不可以使用翻譯員

  • All CASI videos are only for reference purpose. Each evaluator will adjust the riding and teaching standard to the condition accordingly. CASI影片內的示範動作只作參考,每個考官會依照當時的狀況調整滑行和教學標準

  • After the course completed, it may take up to 1-2 months to receive the membership card. 因為是海外課程,考過的考生一般要等一到二個月才會收到正式的會員卡

  • All CASI candidates must wear properly certified snow helmet during all courses or training. 全部CASI學生/考生上課時必須穿戴合格的滑雪安全帽

  • We don’t recommend candidates register CASI 1, 2, 3 or Park 1 at the same time. If the candidate failed in the previous course, then he/she will not be eligible to attend the following course. We won’t refund course fee and are not responsible for any related cost/losses. 我們不建議考生連續報名CASI 1,CASI 2,Park 1和CASI 3,如果之前的課考不過或是只考過一部分而導致其他的課沒辨法上,我們不會退還任何費用也不負責任何相關損失

  • Candidate must provide a clear photo ID with English name (and Chinese name if available) during the one day registration. 上課第一天報到時請務必出示有清楚個人照片和中英文姓名的身份證明文件

  • We are only a foreign course provider autorized by CASI. If you need assistant, please contact corresponding travel agent to arrange your trip in Japan including lift ticket, transportation, accommodation, etc. 我們只是被CASI授權在海外開辦CASI課程的機構,如果需要安排日本行程和纜車票,請跟相關旅行社聯絡或自行安排

Read carefully above policy before register


If choose manual payment, please sign and return this payment form


Each candidate must sign waiver form before the course starts